Protea Banks

Protea Banks is an Advanced Diver only reef system, situated about 7.5km out to sea from the small town of Shelly Beach, on the south coast of KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa. The reef lies at a depth of between 27 and 40 meters. It is about 6km long and 800m wide.

Protea Banks is one of the richest Tuna grounds in the world which explains why it is so strongly frequented by Zambezi (Bull ) Sharks, which patrol the reef year round in search of food.

Then Scalloped Hammerheads pass by in schools that at times are hundreds strong. Although generally shy, the Great Hammerhead and the magnificent Tiger Shark also makes an appearance from time to time.

The Ragged Tooth Sharks (Raggies) can also be seen in large numbers, as well as good sightings of the cheeky Black Tip sharks, and many Giant Guitar Sharks resting on the large sandy patches.
Protea Banks is ranked as one of the world’s best Shark dives.